Testimonial of a 44 Year Old Professor:

Dear Colleagues,


My name is Dr. G., and I am a Professor of Engineering, with a Ph.D. from top US university. I am 44 years old. I am writing this letter upon the request of Ms. Musluer, to express my gratitude and thanks to Ms. Isil Musluer through this letter.


I met with Ms. Musluer through a mutual friend, who is my life coach, at Toastmasters Istanbul. I wanted to visit Ms. Musluer because my life coach recommended me to work with her for fast and more in-depth progress on my emotional and psychological issues. I was expecting to work with Ms. Musluer on basically resolving my problems with my ex-wife, and fixing my emotionally unfit state (but eventually we touched upon many areas during our sessions). I honestly did not have the most positive opinions on NLP to being with, but decided to follow my life coach’s advice anyway and give it a try.

I met with Ms. Musluer for about 15 times until now within the last 1,5 years. I was feeling very bad in at least half of the sessions when I went there. And sometimes I felt really bad during the sessions because some of my bad memories from past were revealed. I did not quit, I decided to continue until I obtained results. And I did obtain results. Right now, I have pretty much resolved all my major psychological issues in life. My life changed dramatically. I have better relation with my son (who is living with my ex-wife) and my ex-wife, moved to a safe and comfortable country where I am happier, had a significant increase in my income and improvement in my academic career, resolved some of my conflicts regarding spirituality and religion, found the courage to forgive myself and my past (at least partly), started dating women after 5 years of my divorce, and I am spreading positive vibes to my habitat in the workplace and pretty much everywhere else.


Of course I still have many times where I feel pretty down. And I feel the need to receive professional support (but I don’t want and use antidepressants any more). I still see Ms. Musluer from time to time, and obtain positive results each time. I am very impressed by the results. Coming from a strong academic background, and having done a lot of reading in psychology, and having gone through psychological/psychiatric treatment for the last 15 years, I can clearly see the underlying scientific principles of hypnotherapy and NLP that Ms. Musluer is applying. It is really amazing what the science of psychology can do for people!


Overall, I find Ms. Musluer very very good in her practice. She also has a very positive energy and a very soft and relaxing voice. She is clearly a person who wants to help other souls with her almost magical set of tools and techniques. I am strongly recommending her to people I know, but of course many people have some prejudices about hypnotherapy so they are not opening themselves to this system of therapy and self-growth and its benefits.


I would also like to thank all the researchers and practitioners who developed and improved upon these psychological techniques, helping me and many others. And of course I would like to thank Ms. Musluer for having such a positive profound impact on my life.


Thank you and Best Regards,

Dr. G.

P.S.: I prefer not to share my name and other identifiable information. Please only use the information in the email above.