I found Isil after a long journey to understand myself and solve my own problems, and that
of others. That journey transformed me from a cult survivor into an emotional fitness
coach, and I was very happy with what I had achieved by understanding humans and
emotions with my logical mind, and the seemingly impossible psychological obstacles I
had overcome in the process.

That’s why when I found myself saying things in a semi-conscious state that my conscious mind thought it had solved, I realized that I had to go deeper. And I had no clue how to do that. I had already used everything I had, and apparently it wasn’t enough. I was advised to find a hypnotherapist.

I called one clinic, and since they didn’t even allow me to speak to the hypnotherapist in
advance so that I could understand if he could even really help me, I was quickly disillusioned. But the problem persisted, and I believe my subconscious mind was
seriously searching for an answer.

When I met Isil in toastmasters, got to know her a little, and found out that she was a
hypnotist (without being a therapist), something inside of me told me this is what you have
been looking for. She radiated safety and love, which I later found out are the driving force
of the subconscious. She also took the time to listen to me, and to describe what she does and how it works, so that my conscious mind could also feel safe about the process and that it might work for me. She also offered her services in exchange for coaching, which at the time was so important for me to feel safe also with the financial aspect of things. And to trust that she really wanted to help me instead of profiting from me (one of the main issues that I was dealing with in the first place).

With every session, I felt like another layer was being removed from my subconscious… layers that were keeping me in guilt and fear instead of feeling peaceful and happy. To be honest I don’t know what happened in each session, but the beauty of it is that for the first time I didn’t even feel I had to. I trusted the process, and that it was doing me good. I cried a lot in every session, and in the following day felt like those tears had melted a weight that had been on me all this time without me knowing it.

Working with Isil somehow activated my subconscious mind so that I could even start
dealing with it and working with it on a conscious level…it’s like my conscious mind and
subconscious mind became more connected. I started to dream immediately about an
experience that I had during the day, and then woke up with the solution to solve it.

Very recently Isil has also been instrumental in helping me with what I would call a
subconscious emergency: I was hypnotized beyond my knowledge. In spite of having
been able to de-hypnotize myself, I was still in fear, anger and sadness that something like that could happen to me in the first place and was having physical manifestations of that fear. This was my worst fear, given my background with being manipulated and being in a cult for most of my life. With one timely session, also based on the trust that had already been established between us (I knew for a fact that I could trust her with my subconscious mind) Isil was able to soothe my subconscious mind that it was indeed safe, that there was nothing to fear. And the result was that I felt an intense feeling of joy and peace, even a kind of subconscious high triggered by the combination of all the subconscious experiences that I had, and the negative effects being completely gone. What she did also helped me not to reject the experience completely, but to keep the positive aspects and let go of the negative ones. Keeping the learning and letting go of the fear and anger it triggered.

I’m very grateful to for the role she has played in my life, especially since my
background included many traumas for my subconscious mind that I thought I had to deal
with on my own. My subconscious mind was right when it told me (without even much
information) that Işıl could provide the safety and love that I needed in order to keep
growing and moving forward in my life without the weights that were hindering me before.


I think this also says a lot about why I got such good results from : I was already dealing
with my conscious mind so intensively, it was the missing piece of the puzzle. But working with the subconscious mind only (in itself) is not enough, it needs to be merged with working with the conscious mind to make real decisions and take real action that brings us to where we want to be. Only then can the happiness puzzle be complete.

I love and respect with all my heart for her love and sincerity in what she does. It’s a
rare thing to find a professional like her, and I will always be grateful to my subconscious
mind for leading me to her.

February 29,2016
Istanbul Turkey