This is an event organized with the intention to assist individuals to transform their negative emotions during the coronavirus crisis . Participation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Quick-MOODFix to speedily transform negative emotions

This is a group event that makes it possible to speedily transform negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. It is held online with the Zoom conferencing system. (Invitation link will be sent to those who fill in the participation form.) Participants will be requested to open their cameras during the application.

The application time is only 15 minutes, yet the total duration is longer. the rest of the time is devoted to exchange of information, conversations, and  Q & A. If you would like to send your questions to Işıl beforehand please use this form: https://forms.gle/oogwCSXBXa4joviS8.

The application usually gives positive results in a very speedy and effective manner. Work is done content-free. So there is no need to go into the roots or the contents of the negative emotions.  There is no need for a special outfit or a venue.  It is sufficient to be in a place where you will not be disturbed and use a chair that will be safe to sit in so that you won’t fall when you close your eyes and relax.

Anybody who is above 12 can participate in the meeting. Families can join as a group. There will be no need to disclose any personal information.  It would be good if participants can have a piece of paper and a pen with themselves.

There is no risk of losing consciousness or having a negative effect. It is not a diagnosis or therapy method. It can be considered as a personal development method that allows looking at life differently and changes perception. Please do not join in the meeting if you are using machinery or doing something that requires concentration. Işıl Musluer cannot and does not guarantee the outcome nor does she assume any responsibility on any negative outcomes. Please participate knowing that all responsibility is yours.

Participants should have normal mental perception capabilities and should not have any serious health problems. Those having mental perception problems or serious health issues; including those who hesitate on whether this work would be suitable for them are advised not to participate, or get the advice of their medical doctors before they do so.

The meeting will be recorded and may be shared fully or particularly on social media. Participants will be assumed to have consented to this. (*meeting for internations will not be recorded. Only one screen capture will be taken by consent of the participants, for records and for sharing that such a meeting took place.)

Hoping that our meeting would be of benefit, we wish you healthy and wonderful days.

Please do share this with the ones you care about so that they can also find an opportunity to change the negative emotions they may be feeling.

All our best 🙂

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