Q: How did you meet Isil?

A: My sister referred her to me.

Q: For what reasons did you want to meet with her?

A: When I was going through a rough time, including experiencing debilitating and life-stopping anxiety and panic attacks, as well as general fearfulness and inability to progress.

Q: What were your expectations of the work with her?

A: It was a shot in the dark at a desperate time. While my sister had recommended her help, I wasn’t confident that it would work. It also was something so unknown to me that I was a bit hesitant to try. I did hope and want change desperately, so I decided to give it the best shot I could.

Q: How were your sessions?

A: We met over Skype. This was the first time Isil worked like this over Skype, so I’m sure it was a learning curve for her too. She started with a session in which she explored the use of NLP and hypnosis over Skype, to ensure she could properly perform it. We did about 5 sessions, some for 1 hour, some for over two hours, depending on the work that was being done. I would get comfortable on a couch, have my laptop in front of me, and have room for walking (within my webcam’s sight) nearby. The first feeling I had was a calming feeling. Our first session was the longest, and while a multitude of emotions came up throughout, I left it feeling calm and stable, a lot more grounded. As the sessions progressed I also found that I could begin to look into the my future and plan for it, something I had felt incapably of just before.

Q: What were the results you got?

A: I feel the sessions set me up to work through the issues without the panic and fear overpowering every thought. Little by little I also practiced anchoring and making friends with my subconscious and connecting with it, asking positive questions before bed, etc. The journey to full recovery was a longer one, but I would say that the sessions with Isil provided the much needed stable ground to work through the chaos.

Q: How much time has passed since then?

A: It’s been 8 months since our first session. I had a batch of sessions with Isil, and then one short one recently when I felt the need for a refresher.

Q: General info on how you find Isil in her profession and what you like about her?

A: Isil has the gift of imparting safety and calm and kindness in a beautiful way, which inspires you to trust that she wants the best for you. I appreciate that as without that I would have been unable to relax and allow space for this unique form of communication and transformation.

She also doesn’t get distracted by unnecessary information but focuses on transformation. She creates a beautiful, safe space for abundant change.

Q: Would you recommend her to someone else?

A: That’s an easy answer. I definitely would, and I have! One person also started sessions with her, and a few others have considered it and may in the future. I don’t think NLP and hypnotherapy do all the work for you, but I think they give you the best chances of succeeding if you do your part. I’m grateful for all Isil’s help!