My name is ….. I am a lawyer. I had met Isil long time ago when I and she used to work in the same institution.

Many years later we met again in Istanbul and became close friends.

When we met again and became close friends, I noticed that she was looking for a way to be useful for the humanity in general. She was looking for a meaning. Then she found NLP and she got deeper and deeper in this science she was learning.

I went to therapies since I was 15-16. I had a deep feeling of unworthiness. I felt I was not important for anyone, nobody cared about my existence. This feeling never went away despite years of therapy.

I had one session with Işıll. I know it is not enough, but I felt a subtle change in this feeling. I was not feeling totally worthless anymore; but sad that I felt this way (all those years) and this feeling was kind of “put” in me and it has hindered so many good things in my life. Things could have been so different.

After that (session) I deliberately started trying to detect the times I felt worthless and tried to prevent consequences.

I do not notice a dramatic change in my life yet but I am hopeful.

Thanks Isil