What do people say about Işıl Musluer? What type of changes have they experienced?

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44 year old professor - emotional and psychological problems:

…I am a Professor of Engineering, with a Ph.D. from top US university.

…I wanted to visit Ms. Musluer because …(I wanted to have an) in-depth progress on my emotional and psychological issues. I honestly did not have the most positive opinions on NLP to being with, but decided to …give it a try.

… Right now, I have pretty much resolved all my major psychological issues in life. My life changed dramatically. I have better relations…, moved to a safe and comfortable country where I am happier, had a significant increase in my income and improvement in my academic career, resolved some of my conflicts regarding spirituality and religion, found the courage to forgive myself and my past (at least partly), started dating women after 5 years of my divorce, and I am spreading positive vibes to my habitat in the workplace and pretty much everywhere else.

… I am very impressed by the results. Coming from a strong academic background, and having done a lot of reading in psychology, and having gone through psychological/psychiatric treatment for the last 15 years, I can clearly see the underlying scientific principles of hypnotherapy and NLP that Ms. Musluer is applying. It is really amazing…

… Overall, I find Ms. Musluer very very good in her practice. She also has a very positive energy and a very soft and relaxing voice. She is clearly a person who wants to help other souls with her almost magical set of tools and techniques. I am strongly recommending her to people I know….

… I would like to thank Ms. Musluer for having such a positive profound impact on my life.

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Resolving Subconscious Problems - a Dutch/Brasilian Fitness Coach:

… I found Isil after a long journey to understand myself and solve my own problems, and that of others. That journey transformed me from a cult survivor into an emotional fitness coach, and I was very happy with what I had achieved by understanding humans and emotions with my logical mind, and the seemingly impossible psychological obstacles I had overcome in the process.

That’s why when I found myself saying things in a semi-conscious state that my conscious mind thought it had solved, I realized that I had to go deeper.

… When I met Isil… and found out that she was a hypnotist (without being a therapist), something inside of me told me this is what you have
been looking for. She radiated safety and love, which I later found out are the driving force of the subconscious. She also took the time to listen to me, and to describe what she does and how it works, so that my conscious mind could also feel safe about the process and that it might work for me.

… With every session, I felt like another layer was being removed from my subconscious… layers that were keeping me in guilt and fear instead of feeling peaceful and happy. To be honest I don’t know what happened in each session, but the beauty of it is that for the first time I didn’t even feel I had to. I trusted the process, and that it was doing me good.

…Working with Isil somehow activated my subconscious mind so that I could even start dealing with it and working with it on a conscious level…it’s like my conscious mind and subconscious mind became more connected.

… Very recently Isil has also been instrumental in helping me with what I would call a subconscious emergency: I was hypnotized beyond my knowledge…. With one timely session, also based on the trust that had already been established between us (I knew for a fact that I could trust her with my subconscious mind) Isil was able to soothe my subconscious mind that it was indeed safe, that there was nothing to fear. And the result was that I felt an intense feeling of joy and peace, even a kind of subconscious high triggered by the combination of all the subconscious experiences that I had, and the negative effects being completely gone. What she did also helped me not to reject the experience completely, but to keep the positive aspects and let go of the negative ones. Keeping the learning and letting go of the fear and anger it triggered.

I’m very grateful to for the role she has played in my life, especially since my background included many traumas for my subconscious mind that I thought I had to deal with on my own. My subconscious mind was right when it told me (without even much information) that Işıl could provide the safety and love that I needed in order to keep growing and moving forward in my life without the weights that were hindering me before.

…. I love and respect with all my heart for her love and sincerity in what she does. It’s a rare thing to find a professional like her, and I will always be grateful to my subconscious mind for leading me to her.

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A New Perspective

… I met with Işıl in  a workshop she was organising, called “Curious Souls.”  … Her knowledge about NLP and hypnosis took my attention  as well as her performance during the workshop. She was confident, helpful, eager and it was obvious that she loved what she was doing.

….For a long time, I was trying to overcome my lack of energy to start once again.  I was not in a deep depression but I was in a mood that nothing seemed attractive to me to run after…. My general mood was such: “I am a chicken without a head, so I don’t know where I am going but this is not the life I dream”.

…I wanted to gain my inner power and energy to overcome my problems but,… I already visited psychologist or psychiatrist before,  I did not want to restart and retell everything from the beginning.

… I visited Işıl  for 3 times, our sessions were quite enough. The interesting thing … after sessions I realized in my daily life that the subjects that we talked and tried to solve were  no longer problems in my life.

… I could be able to put some border between my family and myself….I started to love myself more than ever.

… Işıl is very good at what she is doing because she loves her job and she is very eager to do that in her best way.

.. the sense she gives me is:  “there is someone who is willing to help me instead of looking for my money only”. Besides, I believe in her that her methods and sessions will help me in anyway. She is very good in human relations and I think she is also very good to transfer her knowledge which is the key point of being a tutor. I like also her smile and positive energy.

…I recommend her full heartedly.


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Panic Attack – Skype Session with UK:

…My sister (who was in Turkey) referred Işıl to me.

… I was going through a rough time, including experiencing debilitating and life-stopping anxiety and panic attacks, as well as general fearfulness and inability to progress.

…It was a shot in the dark at a desperate time. While my sister had recommended her help, I wasn’t confident that it would work. It also was something so unknown to me that I was a bit hesitant to try. I did hope and want change desperately, so I decided to give it the best shot I could.

…We met over Skype. …She started with a session in which she explored the use of NLP and hypnosis over Skype, to ensure she could properly perform it. We did about 5 sessions, some for 1 hour, some for over two hours, depending on the work that was being done. I would get comfortable on a couch, have my laptop in front of me, and have room for walking (within my webcam’s sight) nearby.

… Our first session was the longest, and while a multitude of emotions came up throughout, I left it feeling calm and stable, a lot more grounded. As the sessions progressed I also found that I could begin to look into the my future and plan for it, something I had felt incapably of just before.

… I feel the sessions set me up to work through the issues without the panic and fear overpowering every thought. Little by little I also practiced anchoring and making friends with my subconscious and connecting with it, asking positive questions before bed, etc. The journey to full recovery was a longer one, but I would say that the sessions with Isil provided the much needed stable ground to work through the chaos.

… Isil has the gift of imparting safety and calm and kindness in a beautiful way, which inspires you to trust that she wants the best for you. I appreciate that as without that I would have been unable to relax and allow space for this unique form of communication and transformation.

She also doesn’t get distracted by unnecessary information but focuses on transformation. She creates a beautiful, safe space for abundant change.

… I’m grateful for all Isil’s help!


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Total recovery of a 47 year old woman (story written for a book):

This is the healing story of a woman who had sessions with Işıl Musluer  and who was completely recovered after two sessions of total 4 hour work.  The recovery was so dramatic and surprising that it could have easily been classified as miraculous, had we not have known the functioning mechanisms of hypnosis and NLP.

The story is written by Işıl Musluer for a book that is collectively prepared  by hypnosis-NLP professionals including Işıl. The book is expected to be published this year in 2017.

The abovementioned client  was suffering an extreme  form of a debilitating social anxiety and phobia that seemed like epilepsy, since she was 12. This led her and her family to believe that she was disabled. No medical cure could be brought to her situation despite that the family frequently visited many doctors each year with the hope of finding a relief.  She was unable to continue her education as she could not go or stay in school. She she was in constant tremor which prevent her to  stand upright or still, and she was unable to talk comprehensibly or connect with anybody outside of  her family members. Her and her family’s life seemed to be filled with emotions of despair, sadness, helplessness and misfortune.

When Işıl and the client started the 3 hour long session, it was quite a difficult one  but was very successful.  Another appointment was given to her for 1 hour long work for the next week. When she arrived for her second appointment together with  her father and mother, surprisingly, there was  no trace of her debilitating sickness. It was hardly possible to believe that she endured a tremendous suffering most of her life. She was completely from tremors, she could talk and communicate with ease and she had no sign of anxiety. She seemed so dramaticly different from the state she was in, a week ago that the recovery could easily be classified as miraculous – both to herself and to her family as well as for the pychotherapy center personnelle who were present at that time – had we not known the functioning mechanism of hypnosis and NLP.  That day, at the second appointment, Işıl Musluer guided the client  to re-shape her future, to clean out and dissolve  any obstacles and fears that may go in-between herself and her intention to become a writer. The session was again, very successful and most probably led her to continue in her path easily. This was actually the last time the client and Işıl met.

…(read the story Pls.note that the story is 8 pages long. You might want to read it in your free time.)

This experience gave Işıl and all the pychotherapy center professionals food for thought to consider that subconscious healing modalities (like NLP and hypnosis) should be taught  widely and made part of classical pychotherapy and medical education and treatment methods.

After all, if a life-long debilitating problem could be resolved with a work of only 4 hours, this should not be disregarded easily. The techniques have nothing to do with miracles or coincidences and they can be repeated,  replicated and taught. They should definitely be a part of professional medical education.  (Please note that Işıl is a Licenced Internation Trainer of NLP and she gives certification trainings approved and signed by the original inventor of NLP -Mr.Richard Bandler.  Please contact her if you would like to get the trainings for these techniques.)

Outcome of One Session:

My name is ….. I am a lawyer. I had met Isil long time ago when I and she used to work in the same institution.

Many years later we met again in Istanbul and became close friends.

… I went to therapies since I was 15-16. I had a deep feeling of unworthiness.  I felt I was not important for anyone, nobody cared about my existence. This feeling never went away despite years of therapy.

I had one session with Işıl. I know it is not enough, but I felt a subtle change in this feeling. I was not feeling totally worthless anymore.

… After that (session) I deliberately started trying to detect the times I felt worthless and tried to prevent consequences.

Thanks Isil

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