Subject: Reference Letter


To whom It may Concern,

I am asked to prepare a reference letter for Ms.Işıl Musluer. I am proud to have such a chance to present a letter on behalf of her. She caused  very positive changes in my life and I hope this letter causes for her too.


Eda Altan

Tel: ….
Email: …..
Istanbul / Turkiye


How did you meet /heard about Isil

I met with Işıl in a society called Internations where she also performs a workshop called “Curious Souls”. I knew some about NLP and hypnosis and her knowledge on this took my attention very much as well as her performance during workshops. She was confident, helpful, eager and it was obvious that she loves what she is doing.

For what reasons did you want to meet with her

For a long time, I was trying to overcome my lack of energy to start once again, I was not in a deep depression but I was in a mood that nothing was attractive to me to run after. My manager was mobbing me, I didn’t have boy friend to receive some love and understanding, my family was quareling all the time and they wanted me to save them. So, my general mood was such “I am a chicken without a head, so I don’t know where I am going but this is not the life I dream”.

What were your expectations of the work with her?

I wanted to gain the inner power and energy to overcome my problems but I couldn’t change my point of view and the feelings about my problems. However, I wanted it to be done in shortest way because I already visited psychologist or psychiatrist and I did not want to restart and retell everything from the beginning.

How were your sessions?

I visited her for 3 times, our sessions were quite enough. The interesting thing was I did not feel anything during the sessions but after sessions I realized in my daily life that the subjects that we talked and tried to solve are no longer problems in my life. To be honest, my family problem still goes on as well as mobbing however my point of view is completely changed. Besides, I have a boy friend J

What were the results you got?

I could be able to put some border between my family and myself. I hear their problems but they do not effect me like in the past. I started to love myself more than ever. I still don’t know my role in this world however it was great achievement for me to consider leaving my job which is going to happen nowadays.

How much time has passed since then?

It is almost 6 months.

General info on how you find Isil in her profession and what you like about her.

She is very good at what she is doing because she loves her job and she is very eager to do that in her best way. So, the sense she gives me that “there is someone who is willing to help me instead of looking for my money only”. Besides, I believe in her that her methods and sessions will help me in anyway. She is very good in human relations and I think she is also very good to transfer her knowledge which is the key point of being tutor. I like also her smile and positive energy.

Would you recommend her to someone else?

Yes, yes, yes and I already did several times.