Total recovery of a 47 year old woman (story written for a book):

This is story that Işıl Musluer wrote about a client who had dramatic healing after 2 sessions of total 4 hours. The story is planned to be published in a book in the US that  is collectively prepared by women  professionally dealing with hypnosis and NLP.

(Please note that the story is 8 pages long.)

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My difficult client! Miracles do exist!

“Işıl you can work with social phobia; can’t you?” asked my colleague Ayşe, the owner of the Psychotherapy Center.

For about two years now, I was seeing their clients twice a week. They were deciding on which clients to refer to me and they were arranging the appointments for me on the days I set as available. Since I started cooperating with them, we had extremely positive results; almost miraculous I can say! The healing speed with which we could get in people was surprising to all the psychologists and the psychiatrist at the therapy center, the clients and to me as well. Each and every time we had a positive result, I felt blessed and so very lucky that my life path crossed with hypnosis and NLP. I feel like I found a magic wand and that whoever I touch, heals! It is simply fantastic.

So actually, after all this experience, I was a bit taken by surprise by the question of my colleague.

“Of course Ayşe,” I said “I can work. The outcome differs from one person to another, depending on how willing and cooperative they are but almost in all cases we get improvements. You know this too – especially for phobias! Yet, I sense a hesitation in your voice. What is it?” I asked.

“I know, I know,” she said, “ but this time, it is different”

“What makes it different” I asked.

“I am writing an appointment for you,” she said. “You will see yourself!”

I think, one of the greatest obstacles that we can encounter as hypnotists, relates to intention. If a person does not want to change, no matter how deeply they may need it, you just cannot work on that person. To tell you the truth, I find this the most challenging side of my work. Because now that I have a “magic wand” in my hand, metaphorically speaking, and that I can create “miraculous healing,” yet many people, especially many from my close family and friend circles, resist against change. I can see what a dramatic improvement a change- that is fast and simple- can bring to their lives, but they are resistant, and, in most cases, even blind-eyed to acknowledge that they need a change. So I feel powerless despite that I have a “magic wand” in my hand. Yet, I learned that this is like destiny! It is something I need to respect and accept. Everyone has their own life-path and that they should pass their own tests and overcome their own struggles.
“She is a 47 year old woman,” my colleague said “living with her parents. Until 12 she was perfectly normal. Then suddenly, she started having problems that gradually increased. No body knows why. They could not bring a cure to her. Now, she cannot have any life outside her house. She neither can work nor can have friends.

“Each year, the woman’s family takes her from one doctor to another, with the hope of finding a solution, without any avail. The neurologist they recently visited advised them to see a psychiatrist after observing that there was no indication for a physical problem in her MRI scans. That is how the family contacted us.

“Our psychiatrist met with her but she does not see much room for improvement. She has been using the prescriptions that may be useful for her but they don’t assist her much. Our psychiatrist also observes that is not easy to communicate with her.
So, we thought of advising her to see you,” my colleague said. “ I already warned the family that, we might not get much of an improvement in this case, as this is a very severe situation.

“I asked them if they were willing to give it a try despite this, and the family said yes. So that is why I propose you to see her.”

After this brief introduction, I told my colleague that I would willingly work on client and I hoped that we could bring an improvement to her situation.

Our appointment was on a Saturday morning. When I went to the therapy center, I saw that a family member was accompanying her.

When I saw her, I was shocked! I was expecting a severe social phobia client. Yet this was nothing like it! Her body was constantly shaking. She could not stand upright; she was bent from her waist down. With the constant trembling, it seemed as if her legs were unable to support her. I felt as if she was a person bound to a wheelchair that was forced to stand up after a long time. Her legs seemed to have forgotten the ability to support her. She had constant, incontrolable ticks and twitches in her eyes, on her face and in several other parts of her body. She was wearing very thick glasses which gave the impression that she was mentally not so bright as well. I was completely taken by surprise! I have never seen such a dramatic case of social phobia!

I extended my hand to say hello to her but her reaction was even more shocking! She reacted shaking and twitching vigorously as if though I made an attempt to kill her with a knife. I jumped back and she jumped back and for a moment, we both did not know what to do. “It is OK,” I said, after regaining control.”Please sit down for a while in the waiting room. I will come back in a few minutes.”

I have a habit of making three hour long, uninterrupted NLP and hypnosis sessions with clients. I observe that these long sessions bring much more and faster results than three separate one hour long sessions. After this initial three hour session, I usually see clients three more times, in one hour sessions each, and usually the problem is resolved after a total of six hours. So with this 47 year old woman, we had an appointment for a long, three hour session that day.
In the beginning of our session, we usually have a special questioning part. This questioning has a structure of its own, and, at the end, it gives me a clear idea on what that person’s conscious and subconscious needs are. According to this inquiry, I get to decide on what to do and which technique to follow on her.

When I asked her to sit in the armchair beside me, her body shook with fear. She seemed unprotected and vulnerable. She was tense and her body was small as if she wanted to disappear in the chair she sat on.

I tried to calm her with my relaxing voice. I said, “Its O.K. You are completely safe here. If you feel uncomfortable anytime or if you want to end our work, you can just signal me and I end!” She seemed O.K. with my words.

I then proceeded, “now, imagine that I have a magic wand in my hand, and with this wand, I can touch you and create a miracle; and when I do, you will leave this room, today, after our session, completely healed; free of all the problems and worries for ever. If I could do this, and supposing that this could be true, now, tell me, in order for you to be happy, and completely content with your life, what would you need? “

Her reaction to my words was immediate and startling! The second I ended my words and expected a response, she started shaking, twitching again, just like in the waiting room, but this time, ten times more! I could feel the fear boiling and building up inside her; no matter how hard she tried, words were not coming out of her mouth. I could sense her terror and understand the sharp, cold, frightening feeling that she was in. I felt shivers on my body and for an instant I felt extremely unwell. I asked for a permission to leave for 5 minutes and told her that I would like her to get used to the room and relax until I came back.

I went out with an uncomfortable feeling. I had to do a few minutes of self-hypnosis to regain my control. I have a strong sense of empathy which showed me clearly that it could be harmful at cases like this. This was a lesson for me to realize that I needed to be empathetic with the feelings of the clients yet remain completely outside as an untouchable observer.
Then I called Ayşe who was not at the psychotherapy center that day. I told her that I now understood why she found this case difficult. I also wanted to verify with her once again, if she was really sure that the client did not have a physical problem; a problem like epilepsy maybe. She confirmed me that she read the report of the neurologist and that there was no physical indication for the problem. I said OK and told Ayşe that I would resume my work and that it would be a very hard, very long, three hour session.

So after getting this verification I re-entered the room. Yet this time, my attitude was completely different. I was calm, feeling completely in control and had an interesting assurance of my intention to bring a healing for her. To be precise, I was not sure if I could bring a healing for her but instead I was sure about my intention to bring a healing for her and that I would do all my best for her. I could still feel her difficulty, sense the terrifying cold frightening fear every time I asked a question to her, but this time, I was completely undisturbed and uninfluenced.

That day, with her, we worked for three complete hours. While working, I felt as if though I knew her since years. I was filled with a sense of compassion for her. I wanted her to be OK but without a push or urgency, respecting the pace she can go with. A part of our work was conversation, another part was NLP where we had to go around the room as if though we were playing a game, and another part was hypnosis. She was relaxed in the chair, aware of herself, yet feeling completely safe. She was open to working with me and with a lot of willingness.

That day, I understood that, a teacher came to her school when she was 12. While he talked, he was shaking his head strangely and uncontrollably. It seemed very frightening and disturbing to her. In fact, she was so frightened that this fear of being like him if something happened to her, finally ended up making her much worse than him. I also learned how her fear increased to insurmountable levels. I also got to know how she thinks about life, what she desires, what she hopes for and what she worries about.

I also learned that day, that she wanted to be a writer; a dream that seemed impossible to attain. I also learned what a lovely person she was and how much pain and difficulty she endured.

There is an NLP technique that I use quite often with clients. We discuss about all the problems and difficulties and then we set the ideal solution. We talk on what would have been their ideal-self if all the problems and difficulties resolved; what she would do, how she would live, what type of clothes she would wear, how she would talk, hear or what she would feel with that ideal-life when she woke up and started the day, etc. It is a part of the time line therapy that we do.

So I wanted her to imagine that there was a line in front of her, that represents her life and I wanted her to show me where her ideal self -the one that has resolved all her problems, that has a wonderful life- stands on this line.
I also tell my clients that it may sound strange or stupid but that the subconscious is just like a 10-12 year old child that does not know the difference between past or future; what is imagined or already lived. I further say that we make use of this character of the subconscious in order to change subconscious recordings. tell them that, in this way, we are able to transform limiting records with empowering new ones. So I ask them to cooperate with me and to “play along” even if they find them stupid or childish. This way, I generally get a full cooperation from the clients, even the highly analytical ones.

I then asked her to tell me where her ideal-self stood on her time line. I asked her to reply my questions with her instincts without caring for making any mistakes or not. To my question, she replied by pointing a place where she thought her ideal-self stood. Then I asked her how much time was there in between the place she stood now and the place her ideal self stood. She told me approximate time in years.

Then I asked her: what was the obstacle on this road that prevented her to go to this ideal-self. Were there obstacles, iron fences, or a cliff? Because, I said, if we look at it from another point of view, the road was not too much; she could have been there already, but she was not there.
She told me that there were big cockroaches; thousands of disgusting cockroaches on the road! While doing all this work, she still had shaking and twitching in her body, although slightly better than the beginning of our session.

We then killed all those cockroaches with the imaginary tools I supplied for her. We cleaned up the ground together, threw away the cockroaches, planted beautiful flowers and then, I assisted her to the walk to the future, step in her ideal self and experience the life she would have if she were really in her ideal-self. She experienced how she would live, how she would feel, what she would see and hear. It was a vivid experience, I could follow. We then, took all those experiences and brought them back to her life at the present.

We applied many more NLP techniques during our long session, including fast phobia cure. I took her to a magical journey under light trance, where she would feel healing lights cleaning her body and cleaning up all previous blockages and connections. I guided her to uncover the source of eternal love inside her body, make this love abundant for her, for always, expand it to her past, present and future and make her understand that that she is and will always be safe, no matter what happens or what comes up in her life. I made her realize that according to every situation, she can take all necessary precautions, and make necessary decisions. Yet I wanted her to realize that whatever happens, she will always be safe all along.

I made her meet with her unconscious self, the child that has long suffered and stayed alone inside her. It was a touching and a very powerful experience for her. The experience involved expressing love, asking for forgiveness, expressing trust and making promises. She took care of the child within and re-established the connection with her.
Those three hours were like a magical journey for her and also for me. All the techniques we did magically suited her situation. I understand that, when I put my subconscious to work, I can come up with the most suitable solutions and apply the most efficient techniques. Outcome becomes magic!
When she was leaving the room, she hugged me and thanked me sincerely. We felt connected, not like two strangers! She was feeling happy and inspired. She was still shaking and twitching but much less.
I gave her appointment for the next week for one hour.

When the day came, I was impatient to learn how it affected her. I wondered whether it had any improvement in her situation or not.

That day coincidentally all the psychologists and the psychotherapist were in the clinic. Usually everyone has different appointment times, so it is quite difficult to have everyone present.

Then the client came! This time her mother and father were accompanying her. To my surprise and to the surprise of everybody present in our therapy center, the 47 year old woman, that was bent and shaking like a disabled person one week ago, was standing in front of me without a trace of shaking or twitches. Her mother and father were standing by her side with broad smiles on their faces. She had no sign of fear or low self esteem. She had a beautiful coat on her and a matching hat with it. She seemed quite attractive. The only thing that looked slightly strange about her was the very thick eye-glasses she wore. Apart from that, one could hardly say that she was like a disabled person a week ago.

We were all taken by surprise! I felt an incredible sense of contentment. I was feeling as if I received a wonderful precious present. I was indeed so happy that I could bring about such a healing and transformation in people with something that fitted so easily with my personality. I felt proud about myself that I brought such a wonderful learning into my life.
Her parents told me that they came to the psychotherapy center that day, with the intention of meeting with me personally and thanking me. They said, “you have given us, our daughter back!” Wow! What a powerful sentence. I told them that I believed “when time is right, when the patient is ready, the healer comes along.” Most probably it was time for her to heal.

Nevertheless, this makes me question, why, all these techniques, that are now available to me, available to anybody who is interested, and available since quite a long time, specifically for NLP since 1970’s, are not taught widely all around the world, especially at medical universities. I am questioning this because positive changes are so evident, so indisputable and so easily repeatable. I hope that it won’t take much longer for all these learnings to take their rightful place in education everywhere.

What I do is not magic, nor does it have anything supernatural about it. Yet here is the magical outcome; a simple 3 hour session, can bring a life-long tormenting disability to an end! This is proof and I value this as extremely worth considering.

That day, we had 1 hour session with her. But this time, there was no phobia or fear issues left for us to work on. She wanted to be a writer, she made a list of the courses she could attend but as she left school when she was a child and had no social contact with people since years, we worked on establishing confidence and self-esteem in her. Our session was a complete success. She was absorbing like sponge. Her thick glasses could be misleading but she was intelligent. She now knew how she would feel and how she would live and how she would act as a writer. Thanks to all these techniques, we installed empowering references in her subconscious.

I also told her that many believed there were no coincidences in life and that I also happened to believe in that. I told her that she suffered many many long years, had no hope for a very long time and, at an instant, found and experienced a miracle that resolved her problem. I said, now that she wanted to be a writer and that it was almost sure that she would be one, that we did not know what life planed for us, but maybe all these sufferings were not in vain for her, and instead, they were maybe a hands-on experience for her! I said, maybe, she was meant to be a guiding star for those who felt hopeless and who could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe, I said, she would be the one who would guide them all to find and create their own miracles! I said that this was a big task and a big task required a big hands-on experience. She was moved, tears started dropping down her cheeks and at the same time I was sure that she was healing!

That was the last time I saw her. We worked only for four hours. She did not set the appointment for the last two sessions that I proposed at the beginning of our work. I am sure if she needed, she would have returned back to me.

Now, I am looking forward to coming across to her book one day, in one of the bookstores, somewhere!
Işıl Musluer

Istanbul, Turkey
November 1, 2016

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